Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. med. Klaus Rose (MD, MS)

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. med. Klaus Rose (MD, MS)

Current Address

klausrose Consulting
Pediatric Drug Development & More
Aeussere Baselstrasse 308
4125 Riehen
Phone   +41 61 312 05 10
Mobile   +41 79 102 35 63 / +49 176 9966 9809

Personal Data
Born 2nd November 1953 in Heidelberg, Germany
Nationality: German
Married, two daughters

Current Position
Founder and Managing Director, klausrose Consulting, Pediatric Drug Development & more, Riehen, Switzerland

 Education and Qualifications

2004                                 Master’s Certificate in Project Management, The George Washington University School of Business, Washington D.C., USA

2000                                 Equivalence Certificate to Swiss Postgraduate Degree (FMH) in Pharmaceutical Medicine

1999                                 Diploma European Course Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM)

1992                                 German Postgraduate Degree in General Medicine

     1986 – 1991                  Postgraduate clinical training in General Medicine in Germany and England (pediatrics, psychosomatic medicine, internal medicine, surgery, geriatrics)

     1979 – 1986                  Study of Medicine in Berlin, Thesis in Medicine

     1972 – 1978                  Study of Latin Languages & Psychology in Heidelberg and Berlin, MS in Psychology


Employment History

March 2011 – today   Managing Director, klausrose Consulting, Riehen, Switzerland

2010 – March 2011      Principal Consultant at Granzer Regulatory Consulting, Munich, Germany

2005 – 2009                  Global Head Pediatrics, F.Hoffmann-La Roche Pharmaceuticals,                                                                 Basel, Switzerland

1997 – 2005                  Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

                                          2001 – 2005    Global Head Pediatrics

                                          2000 – 2001    Head, Special Projects, Clin Dev & Medical Affairs

1999 – 2000    Senior International Medical Advisor, Basel (HQ)

                                         1997 – 1999    Medical Advisor in Bern (Swiss affiliate)


1996                                 Medical Director Lohman Medical, Neuwied, Germany         

1991 – 1996                  Clinical Research Associate, Byk Gulden Pharmaceuticals, Germany (today: Takeda); in parallel: Medical Director, Byk AG, Switzerland        

1986 – 1991                  Postgraduate clinical training in General Medicine in Germany and England (pediatrics, psychosomatic medicine, internal medicine, surgery, medicine for the elderly)


Other Professional Activities:    

Regular speaker on international confererences on pediatric drug development; member of DIA and EAP, facultuy member of several institutions that train in drug development and clinical research (ECPM, FORUM, others)  


International Leadership

05/2014 – 2017                           Co-Chairman Organizing Committee, Basel International Conference on Drug Development in Pediatric & Rare Diseases

1/2005 to 12/2014                    Chairman, EFGCP Children’s Medicines Working Party

2006 – 2009                                 Chairman, DIA Pediatric SIAC

8/2008 – 10/2009                      Chairman, IFPMA ( Pediatric Task Force


Professional Experience

After clinical training started in Byk Gulden, Konstanz, Germany (today: Takeda) as a clinical trial physician. Run two phase 1 trials and several large international pantoprazole phase 3 trials in Europe and Latin America. Worked in parallel at Byk Gulden Switzerland as Medical Director. Trained the sales representatives in gastroeneterology (pantoprazole), pneumology (theophyllin), cardiovascular diseases (omega-3-oil capsules), and other areas.

Worked ½ year in Lohman Medical Devices in Germany, buildung up the fundaments of a medical affairs team.

Worked in Novartis Switzerland as clinical trial physician in the areas of oncology, dermatology, pneumology, gastroenterology and central nervous system.

Was promoted to Novartis International Headquarter as Senior International Medical Advisor. Built up the international Medical Communication function and established the cross-functional Pediatric Advisory Group (PAG) in 2000 to improve the company’s handling US pediatric legislation, specifically 6 months Pediatric Exclusivity (patent prolongation). Advised teams in building pediatric development plans across all development functions (preclinical toxicology & safety; galenic formulations; modelling & simulation (M&S) / Clinical Pharmacology; Clinical Development; Post-Marketing Commitments) and across all indication areas. Networked with the top 20 pharmaceutical companies for cooperation in pediatric drug development, resulting in annual pediatric conferences between academia, regulatory authorities, and industry.

Moved to Roche in 2005, established there a cross-functional pediatric drug development structure. Worked with teams across all development functions and  indication areas. Advised teams on EMA / PDCO (pediatric committee) pediatric investigation plans (PIPs) when the EU pediatric regulation came into force in 2007. Established and co-chaired  the pediatric taskforce of the IFPMA (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries).

With the move to Granzer Regulatory Consulting in 2010 responsible for hands-on preparation, writing, submission & negotiation of PIPs with the EMA / PDCO. Sucessfully concluded 8 PIPs from early preparation to final acceptance by EMA. 

With establishing an own company, advised US & EU based companies on strategies in handling FDA & EU regulatory pediatric requirements and continued to prepare, write, submit and negotiate PIPs (EMA) and pediatric plans (FDA). Established in 2015 the Basel annual international conference on drug development in pediatric and rare diseasese. The 3rd one will take place in February 2017

International networking in pediatric drug development: regular presentations on international conferences, publications in international scientific journals, and co-editing books on pediatric drug development.

Leadership Skills

Most responsabilities were performed in a matrix structure coordinating up to 25 people in general issues of pediatric drug development both in Novartis and Roche. Pediatrics was usually 10 – 20% of coordinated persons’ KPI’s which had to be evaluated annually. Maximum number of direct reports was five.


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Fluent in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French. Basics of Portuguese, Hungarian, modern Greek.

Private interests                       

Family, Classical Guitar, Latin Culture, Hungarian Language, Cooking, Gardening, Wine

Riehen, February 2019